How to get around


Being Venice is a town built on water, the public transportation is made of boats and the most common way to go from one place to the other is by foot.In this page you will find a few tips on how to get around.



Surprisingly enough, the main way of getting around Venice is on foot. Venice is a small city and you can walk from one end to the other in 40 minutes; in doing so you can really appreciate the beauty of this enchanting city, cross its bridges and walk along its narrow and mysterious alleys. The only means of transportation in Venice is boats. For everyday travel you can use the public water buses ( vaporetto and motoscafo ) or the gondola ferry across the Grand Canal. Water taxis are expensive but are very fast and they take you along the smaller canals, offering an alternative view of Venice.


Vaporetto (Water bus)

The ACTV vaporetto and motoscafo waterbuses run frequently. To see maps of selected routes and ticket prices see the venetian public transportation web site.

Tickets are available from ticket offices at some stops as well as on board, at some tobacconists, newsagents, bars.


Water taxi

If you want to treat yourself right and spend a little money in doing so, take a water taxi! They are much more expensive than the vaporetti but they take you wherever you need to go in no time at all.


When the bridges over the Grand Canal were not built yet, the only way to cross it was the gondola. Nowadays there are three bridges crossing the Grand Canal, Rialto, Scalzi and Accademia, and seven points along the Grand Canal from where you can catch the gondola ferry (traghetto) and go across it. The fare is 60 cents.